Need a New ‘Do? Try These Local Salons

Springfield salons

Have you been rocking the same ‘do since the beginning of time? You can change that by going to a local salon. These salons don’t just cut hair. They transform people. Get the details on the best ones in Springfield, and make an appointment today.

Positive Image Salon

Is your image lacking? If so, a trip to Positive Image Salon is in order. You’ll be blown away by how nice everyone is here, whether you have an appointment or you walk in off the street. Either way, everyone will ensure you are comfortable and enjoy your time at the salon. That’s easy to do when you consider the caliber of cut you’ll receive. They work wonders on all types of hair, even that quirky hair that has trouble behaving. The stylists also do an amazing job with color. Your hair will look healthy and natural even if you get it colored on a regular basis.

Frizzles Salon and Spa

The team at Frizzles Salon and Spa is super accommodating, even squeezing people in for last minute appointments. They don’t just cut hair here. They transform it, and they even do wonders with damaged hair. If you think your hair is beyond repair, give this place a try. They also have a makeup artist on-site. Consider getting your hair and makeup done. When you walk out, your friends won’t even recognize you. If your confidence needs a little boost, get a day of beauty at Frizzles Salon and Spa.

Salon Dyjo

It’s hard to beat a cut and style from Paul Mrad at Salon Dyjo. Paul’s been cutting hair in Springfield for years, and he has built an almost cult-like following. One thing you’ll notice when you get a cut from Paul is how beautifully the hair grows out. That shows just how skilled he is. In fact, it grows out so beautifully that you can wait a bit longer than normal before your next cut. He doesn’t just cut and style hair, either. He is a professional when it comes to coloring it. He truly knows how to do everything in regard to hair, and he works with all types of hair. Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or straight, Paul is your guy.

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