There are Great Breweries for You to Try Near Springfield

Springfield Breweries

You love a good beer, and you’re sick of the generic offerings available at most bars. You want to try something unique and fun, and you can do just that at one of the breweries in the Springfield area. These breweries have skilled brewmasters on hand, crafting the best brews in the business.

It’s time to step out of the box and try some new brews at one of these breweries.

Fair Winds Brewing

Fair Winds Brewing is located in Lorton, and it’s a local favorite. The seating here is communal, so you’ll get to know the other visitors while you enjoy the beer. That makes it more fun, as everyone can trade recommendations. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people recommend Siren’s Lure. This hoppy saison has a tart, dry finish and has won several awards.

When you finish your beer, head outside where you’ll likely find a food truck or two. Food trucks set up outside regularly, so you can grab a snack before heading home.

Port City Brewing Company

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Alexandria has one of the best breweries in the area. It’s Port City Brewing Company, and it’s a great place to kick back and enjoy a few brews. The Optimal Wit is the most popular offering. It’s available in stores, but it tastes even better out of the tap.

Oh, and this place has a really flexible food policy. You can bring your own food to the brewery or place a delivery order at a local restaurant. In fact, the bartender will be happy to hand you a menu from one of the local establishments.

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Forge Brew Works

Forge Brew Works is located in Lorton, and it has an amazing assortment of beers and a laidback atmosphere. This place will give you a break from the IPAs that seem to dominate most breweries. Yes, you can get an IPA, but Forge Brew Works really shines when it comes to its Belgian-style brews. The brewery uses a direct fire system instead of a steam system, and that allows it to create Belgian-style beers that are incredibly flavorful.

This place also has a flexible food policy. You’re always welcome to bring in your own grub, and you can have something delivered if you want.

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