Visit The Cox Farms Fall Festival

Cox Farms Fall Festival

Fall may soon be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no more time left to go to and enjoy the Cox Farms Fall Festival. It opened on Sept. 22, and it will remain open until Nov. 6. That gives you a few days to get out and see what it’s all about if you haven’t checked it out yet. There is so much to do at the festival, and you don’t want to have to wait until next year to see it all, do you? Of course not. Get the scoop now, so you can see if it’s something you might be interested in.


So, just what is there to do at the festival? There is plenty of stuff going on. First of all, there are going to be a lot of activities for the kids to check out. They will love the giant slides, the fun tunnels, and learning how to do various farm chores. But that won’t be all. You can take a hike on the Imaginature Trail, visit the Tractor Museum and learn something new, stop by the Cox Mining Co., and take a hayride. Oh, and you definitely have to see the farm animals while you’re there. The kids are going to love them.


A fall festival wouldn’t be near as fun without food. Luckily, there is plenty to try out when you visit Cox Farms. There is a wide variety of food to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will suit your taste buds. You’ll also get to take advantage of the local tastings. There’s not much more that tastes better than locally grown food.

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Whether you are still looking for a pumpkin for Halloween or just want to browse around to see if there is anything you might want to take home with you, you definitely need to visit the market. There will be lots of fresh goods for sale, and your whole family will love browsing around to see if there’s anything interesting to buy.

You’ll be having so much fun at the fall festival that you’ll probably want to stay all day. But after the festival closes, you’ll probably just want to go home and relax. Make sure you can get home the easiest way possible by purchasing a new vehicle from Safford Hyundai of Springfield in Springfield, Virginia. We have family-friendly cars, trucks, and SUVs available for a wide range of drivers.